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Thank you to all the creators out there, and all who download.

I hope everyone understands this, and Thank you for your support.  Ash

The Creators, who think that your rights have been violated, because someone shared your content whether it is paid, Patreon, or free should be advised that it is, - you,  that's Infringing on the Rights of, not only Electronic Arts, but also the rights of All Their Users who  have access to your UGC. Once you make them for the game, they are open to use.  Look below.


Thanks, to the people who send ideas and new sites,  I'm getting to items as I can.

Terms  of  Use

Share & Enjoy!

A Big Thanks to, Sims 4 Studio

We Thank all original creators,  for their meshes, without new creations the Sims 4 game would not be what it is. So, enjoy!

This site will follow the rules of EA, and every item we put up as of 05/01/2018 will credit to the mesh creator if known, as always.

Also we will update some old items to include the mesh, this is just to make the game easier for players'.

This was brought to my attention -

with a number of meshes to make,   

I thought about it, so ....

Every sim owner - legally has free rights to all cc's. They can re-upload any item, and edit the mesh, include meshes with their recolors and there's nothing creator's can do. This may offend some CC creator's. (that are making money from a game, that was once all about a community of sharing.

Sims Studio share their program with all, I'm sure it takes many hours of hard work. (and without it ?---) are the people making money giving them some.


Asking for help to keep a site up is one thing, I  myself pay for this site and some file storage. So I ask people if they can donate, I did the adfly, I just couldn't after, I seen so many creators putting double or more pages to get to one download. I understand it takes a lot of clicks to make a dime.


  I do this because it's a hobby, not a job. (Fun, relaxing)

Knowing, this makes it easier for many,  that the meshes can be added.  But, please always give credit to the mesh creator's. (Let's all share.)


EA's Terms and Conditions say you can't keep your cc's behind a pay wall. I hope all give credit to the creator's for their time and for making everyone's game more enjoyable. And we all should Thank, Sims 4 Studio more.

                                     Just something to think about!


The Sims' Community  unease over Patreon.

All that I hear and see,  - Greed. - Follow the rules and let every sim user, the full enjoyment of your talent.

If you create something for the Sims 4 game, it can only be used in the Sims 4 game.

It's like a song writer taking someone's song and adding another line and saying now its my song and I should get paid for it. No, if the creator of the that song, did not commission you to write that line, you don't get paid for it. It's your contribution to that song, - for your and other's enjoyment.

So let's bring this community back to a sharing one. People learning from each other by sharing knowledge and testing one's work.

We aren't opposed to Patreon, EA says, early release is OK. Put your files up for the few weeks get your money, then release for all, free.

Follow the rules of the game and just do what's good for the community.

We,  Thank all mesh creators,

and hope everyone will follow EA rules.

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